what is Pranic Healing and How can it help  me?

Pranic Healing is a highly developed energy medicine system that utilizes prana to accelerate the body’s inborn ability to heal itself. Since prana informs each and every physical cell of its function, when pranic flow is optimized one can reboot the physical and/or mental system. Pranic healing session focus on removing blockages which inhibit the free flow of prana through all layers of being. As pranic flow is reestablished, the cells once again receive messages with instructions as to their jobs. The cells immediately respond, resulting in notable physical and mental improvements.

Pranic Healing is a “no touch” healing modality and just as effective when done remotely (distance healing)

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Q. How can pranic healing help me if I have a physical ailment?

Ailments in the physical body indicate a disturbance in the energy field. By using specialized pranic healing techniques, energetic disturbances can be corrected, thus reestablishing vital communication between the physical body and the source of energy that heals and supports it (prana).

Q.  Can pranic healing be use with other treatment modalities?

Pranic healing is complementary so it can be used alongside any other healing method, including conventional medicine.

Q.  Can pranic healing help me with pain?

Yes, pain is an indicator of obstructed prana. Pranic healing is very effective in reestablishing pranic flow, thus reducing pain.

Q.  Can pranic healing help with emotional concerns like anxiety or depression?

Yes, most certainly! Emotions are energy and respond beneficially to energy healing modalities.  In pranic healing, there are specialized techniques which disintegrate unwanted vibrational frequencies, thus, clearing blockages that result in anxiety and depression. The most frequent report after a pranic healing session is a more peaceful, clear, and focused mind.

Q. What makes pranic healing different from other energy healing therapies?

Modern pranic healing was developed by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui after decades of

meticulous research and observation in the field of energy healing. He studied and developed specific healing protocols for various conditions including those of physical, emotional, and psychological origin. The use of pranic healing protocols creates an extremely precise and focused healing modality that has been proven effective in numerous case studies.

Q. I received pranic healing for a physical condition but I feel happier. Why is that?

Energy is pervasive. Pranic healing works on the the energy networks that feed the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual layers of being. So even if you are come for healing of a specific ailment, you are likely to experience the “side effect” of feeling better in all layers of being.

Q. I cannot come in for a session as I am unwell. Can I still get a healing session? How does it work?

Yes! Just like many other energy healing modalities, Pranic healing can be done remotely. Remote or distance healing is based on the ancient Hermatic principles, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. “Energy flows where attention goes”. Before starting and during the session, the practitioner will stay connected with your energy field. Using thought and intention, the practitioner is able to scan (using sensitivity developed by his/her hands) for disturbances, use special techniques to clean and clear them and also project healthy prana that will help accelerate the natural healing process.

During a distance pranic healing session, you are requested to be in a “receptive state” meaning, you are seated or lying down comfortably and open to the healing energy. Your practitioner will give you more details in person before your session and also what to do or not to do after your session to maximize the absorption of the healing energy.

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