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Here’s What We Provide


We offer energy healing for your pet family members.  Healing can be for any physical ailment or even emotional condition. This can also be done along with any other method that is being used for the condition, whether it is herbs or standard medicine. Best of all, healing can be done remotely without stressing your fur baby anymore.

Please contact us for details.

"Patrick has accomplished some incredible results with me and my friends and his healings are phenomenal! My favorite story is his healing of my friends newborn foal that he healed remotely, The mother horse was rescued while preganant from an abusive owner. She was malnourished and gave birth to a sickly foal with extreme diarrhea which I witnessed while visiting. The poor baby horse could not  or would not nurse and was extremely dehydrated. After several days the veterinarian gave up hope and said the foal would die as there was nothing else that could be done. I asked Patrick to help and within 24 hours the baby foal was nursing and the diahrrea stopped. Their whole family was convinced Patricks pranic healing did the trick! Today that little foal is a healthy fulll grown horse!"

Melanie Ross,



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