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An Amazing Journey Within

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon during her 45-year career as a hypnotherapist.  It involves  using guided visualization to induce a person into a deeper state of trance, the theta state.

We naturally go to this level twice, once just before we fall asleep and next, just before we are fully wake. The purpose of this process is to allow communication with the deeper part of our self. This part is always with us, existing just below the surface of our conscious mind. Different cultures refer to this as the “Higher self”, “Overself”, “Universal consciousness” . This is the Greater part of our Self that is aware of everything that is going on with us, has answers to all our questions and exists in the vibration of pure unconditional love.

Dolores referred to it as the “Subconscious” but it is much more than the subconscious as explained in regular psychology. Making contact with this part of our Greater Self is profound on many levels as you can not only get answers and clarity to your own questions, but also receive healing.

How Does it Work?

We start with a relaxed, detailed talk to get to know you, your reasons for choosing this experience and we go over any questions you may have. The initial part of the actual session involves a regression. You will be shown glimpses of a lifetime by your Subconscious. This lifetime will be relevant to your current life and sometimes to the questions you have. You are not unlikely to be shown more than one lifetime. Your practitioner will guide you through the session with appropriate questions.

The second part of the session involves establishing contact with the Subconscious. Once this is done, there is a palpable shift in the energy in the room. Your Subconscious knows everything that has ever happened with you and is most willing to help you in the best way. We can get answers to your questions, including the cause or reason for any health concern. At this time we can request a healing and, if appropriate, a full, complete, instantaneous healing is completely possible.

How will I benefit?

People come for a QHHT session for many different reasons. If, for instance, you want clarity regarding an issue, if  you need to make a decision about your life, partner or work, have concerns about your health and want to heal, or have family issues. Sometimes it is just curiosity to know more, a deeper spiritual quest...

Every session is different. The main goal is for you to know and understand so you can heal, do better and live a full life.

How Will I Feel After My Session?

A  QHHT session can help you deepen your understanding of yourself. In some cases it can be truly life transforming. Recognizing repetitive patterns and making connections can be empowering as you can now release what doesn’t serve you and make conscious changes in your thought and behavior. Many have noticed improved energy and a positive outlook that can continue to build over time with supportive changes, recognizing  that you are the Master Creator of your own Life.

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