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Therapeutic massage with an Ayurvedic flair

Effectively combining traditional abyanga and other massage techniques, this 75 minute, full body treatment is both unique and profound. It not only involves a full body massage with warm sesame oil, it concludes with energy work by stimulating marma points and balancing energy centers to allow for total relaxation and deep healing on all levels.


"The weight of grief for the loss of  my companion animal, Hanky,
was overwhelming.
My Ayursage treatment with Devika was transformative. 
Everything about this treatment was in harmony: the room's light level, the soothing sound of music, the heated table and the

scent of delicate aromatic oils.
Devika's subtle, confident  movemnts allowed my body to release tension and grief while simultaneously energizing depleted stores.
I left with a deep sense of peace and feeling of lightness overall."
~ Anna Hamann, Designer.

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