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Energy Healing for Pets

Patrick has accomplished some incredible results with me and my friends and his healings are phenomenal! My favorite story is his healing of my friends newborn foal that he healed remotely, The mother horse was rescued while preganant from an abusive owner. She was malnourished and gave birth to a sickly foal with extreme diarrhea which I witnessed while visiting. The poor baby horse could not  or would not nurse and was extremely dehydrated. After several days the veterinarian gave up hope and said the foal would die as there was nothing else that could be done. I asked Patrick to help and within 24 hours the baby foal was nursing and the diahrrea stopped. Their whole family was convinced Patrick's pranic healing did the trick! Today that little foal is a healthy full grown horse!

Melanie Ross


Lifewave Patches

I have been on the computer for over twenty five years. Ater all the wear and tear, my hands, wrists and elbows pained. The pain was so bad that I would wake up with my hands frozen. I received injections, tried multiple magnetic type bracelets and contraptions. Most recently my hands started hurting as a result of being on my phone for many hours. I tried out the patches, my hands have not hurt much , I don’t even recall the time my hands woke me up in pain! I am very impressed.

Rose P.

Medical Office Manager

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

 I recently had the pleasure and honor of receiving a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Devika Kishore. Everything - from the scheduling and preparation, to the prompting and guiding of the session itself - was handled with great care and compassion. I’ve known and worked with Devika for many years now, and the quality and professionalism of her treatments translate into a one of a kind experience with QHHT. I was surprised at how deep I went into my subconscious mind during my session with her. In retrospect, I can see that it is her gentleness, care, and listening attention that allowed me to easily and peacefully explore and heal layers of my psyche that I had not even known about. I would highly recommend a session with Devika if you are looking for a healer who can bring you into deeper wholeness in all levels of your being - body, mind, and soul.

Justin Brown

Customer Service Professional


 Ayurvedic Treatment

Ananda is a complete sensory experience. From the gentle exfoliation, to the bouquet of essential oils, this synchronized massage takes relaxation to an entire new level.

Lynn B

Partnership Management

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