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I was experiencing anxiety, difficulty in falling asleep and panic. Devika came highly recommended. I had not tried Pranic Healing before. From our first session I could feel a shift in my wellbeing. I felt more peace, quietness, and I could sleep better.

In our following session I could see the progression of the work and increasing wellbeing and ease of falling and staying asleep.


Software Developer


Devika is an accomplished and magical healer with Pranic Healing. She has worked on me for years and every time the results are immediate. I am very sensitive and feel tingling and warmth and the incredible relief from illness and or pain. I also often get incredible insights and visions of knowledge when she is working on me. This occurrence tells me I am in a sacred and incredible space while under her care. Her gentle kindness and authenticity of truth allow you to realize that angels and God work through her. She never claims she is a healer, only a conduit of healing. Those who allow and DESIRE healing feel results so quickly it is astounding. I have had other healers work on me and I never feel results like I do from Devika and Patrick. They are both truly gifted and blessed.


Melanie Ross



My name is Michelle and I have been a client of Devika’s for the past three years.  I have been seeing her for massage and pranic healing.  I cannot begin to tell you how much she has helped and supported me these past three years!  Devika is a true healer and a constant source of light, encouragement and priceless information.

Last week I started to have a sore throat and an achy feeling throughout my body.  Since I have 2 underlying lung conditions, I have been fairly strict about quarantining during this time of Covid-19.  Of course, I started to “mildly” panic when I started not feeling well.  I called Devika, and that same day she fit me into her schedule for a pranic healing session.

Just knowing that she would be helping me brought my stress level down immediately!  After the session I felt so much better, the sore throat lasted another couple of days and then completely went away. 

I highly recommend Devika.  If you have the opportunity to get an appointment with her you will be happy you did!

Thanks for listening and have a great day!


San Diego

Teacher, School Administrator, Vedic Educator

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