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What is it and how does it work?

Throughout history, light has served as a source of healing energy. The ancient Egyptians utilized the sun’s power in combination with various gemstones to transmit specific frequencies of light energy into the body. The Greeks built sun rooms wherein spectral prism rays were transmitted into the body for healing. The ancient Chinese and many other significant cultures long ago recognized and used light as a healing modality.

The modern scientific world has also recognized light as a healing modality. From lasers which focus specific rays of light to address skin issues to blue lights that treat jaundice in infants to full spectrum lights that combat seasonal affect disorder, light is a mainstream healing modality. Yet, ancient and modern wisdom combined have only begun to understand a fraction of light’s healing potential.

In 2001, scientist and inventor David Schmidt created the first wearable product to harness the power of light for human potential and healing capabilities in a partnership with the US Military. The original patches were designed to help Navy SEALs increase endurance and recover from extreme exertion more quickly.

Since then, numerous patches have been created for purposes as diverse as pain relief, detoxification and stem cell activation. In 2019, X39 (Experiment #39) became their best selling product, with clinically proven benefits of activating your own stem cells within 30 days.

In nature, different frequencies of light sends signals to our bodies and can be used to elicit specific responses. Our own bodies also emit different frequencies of light and David Schmidt’s genius was to reflect the infrared light already being emitted by your body, right back into your body to stimulate desired responses.

Each patch is made with crystallized minerals, water and organic compounds that reflect specific frequencies back into the body for specific effects. No drugs, chemicals, or stimulants enter the bloodstream. Rather, the patches activate the body’s own healing potential through the use of light invisible to the naked eye.

Lifewave patches have been found to be effective in increasing energy, heightening endurance, decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, enhancing immunity, elevating mood, and improving sleep.

Call us to learn more on how Lifewave Phototherapy Patches can help you.

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