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Ananda works its magic through its multilayered approach to bring your body, mind and emotions into balance and awaken the joy within. This is your journey...

Setting your intention – As  therapists, our first step and intention intention is to be a clear channel of source energy and to hold space for your best outcome, your highest good. You may choose an intention for yourself, release expectation and simply be receptive.

Garshana – Gentle exfoliation with raw silk gloves that prepares the skin for detoxification and the application of oil.

Oleation – Application of warm sesame oil all over the body, with primary focus on the head and scalp. This in itself feels like a full body massage.

Abyanga – Rhythmic, friction strokes to move the oil into the tissues and warm them to loosen "ama" (toxins)within.

Vishesh – Slower, deeper rhythmic pressure that engages deeper muscles. This is truly relaxing.

Marma – Marma  points (energy points) on the body are stimulated with gentle circular motion to awaken inner healing, balance & bliss.

Energy balancing – Vital energy centers are held with intension to bring about coherence and balance.

Hot towel wipe down – The session concludes with a warm wet towel wipe down to wipe off any excess oil. This with leave you feeling energized, invigorated and refreshed!

Why two therapists?

Four hands are better than two! 

Working on both sides of the body at the same time will allow for both sides of the brain as well as the polarities of the body to balance.

Body likes balance & rhythm.  When you receive a massage with two therapists that are in sync with the rhythm, pressure and energy, your body will also sync in and go deeper into relaxation and your mind will calm down allowing your consciousness to expand

and open to infinite possibilities.

We invite you to experience Ananda and Awaken your Inner Bliss.

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