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Here’s What We Provide

Quantum Touch is an energy healing modality that works on a different premise than most others. While most energy healing modalities are concerned with supplying energy or removing blockages and stagnant chi, Quantum Touch focuses on raising the vibration of the afflicted area.

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of the tuning fork, when it vibrates close to other objects, they begin to vibrate as well. In the most basic level, the practitioner uses specialized breathing and energy enhancing techniques to raise their own energetic vibration and while in this higher vibrating state, touches the area of complaint to raise the energetic vibration of the patient. Much like the tuning fork example, this creates an energetic resonance in the area of dis-ease and raises its’ vibration to a healthier one.

The body knows how to heal itself and it just may need some help. In Quantum Touch, the patient is considered the healer because it uses the higher vibration to heal itself. The practitioner is helping to facilitate the process.

Whenever you work with Radiant Prana, you can trust that you’re in great hands. Call us to learn more.

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