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From the Source

Devika Kishore is an amazing and gifted healer. She uses her intuitive gifts to guide you through a process of self exploration and takes you on a journey that helps you get to know and love yourself.

I love being in her energy and will find any opportunity to be in her aura. 

Reena Dalal Singh

QHHT is more amazing than Disneyland! And Devika is the most gentle, effective, sweet tour guide! She enables you to relax so you can explore past lives and healing, and that is crucial for a practioner! She is gifted in more ways than you can imagine!. It absolutely blew my mind in the most surprising way how I discovered who I was (am) and the abilities I still possess to give healing to myself and others. What an incredible and unique experience. You can heal yourself through QHHT and learn the most surreal things and I highly recommend Devika! I have gone to others and she is by far the best I have experienced with her kind and loving energy

Melanie Ross

Devika is a phenomenal QHHT practitioner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. From the time you set up the appointment to the actual session, Devika provides a supportive, caring, and loving container for self healing and “ah ha moments” to occur. Her genuine gentle nature and ability to deeply connect with the divine energy makes this an amazing experience. She guides you on a journey within to allow you to discover your own insights. I was able to connect with past lives, the creation of life, and many more all leading me to a deeper sense of trust and support all around. A sense of knowing within that we are all one. I am forever grateful and changed by this beautiful experience with Devika. Invest in yourself and go on a journey with a QHHT session with Devika as your guide. It’s a game changer.

Rob Fournier

What a wonderful journey it was for me experiencing QHHT with Devika. I was guided into the space without expectations and I was fascinated and blown away with what I discovered. There were many questions answered and the guidelines/path to solutions. There were many revelations that came to light as to why I am the way I am. Very deep and insightful if you are willing to surrender your ego and explore the possibilities.
It is a fascinating and beautiful adventure within and Devika is a wonderful guide.

Rose Pa

 I had a beautiful QHHT session with Devika! She is an incredible soul and healer that can really hold space and guide you through a special experience like this

Jessica Pauley

These QHHT sessions are amazing. I've had several and they are always insightful and you may find out interesting and surprising things about your past and yourself!

Patrick Galligan

I had the most wonderful QHHT session with Devika Kishore!
From the "get go" Devika demonstrated a dedication and authenticity that instantly inspired me to feel relaxed, welcomed and valued.
She listened intently to my life story and delicately kept me on track as we progressed through my life events and noted key experiences / impressions.

After the initial interview, we began the hypnosis, and as an avid meditator, it was very apparent to me that I was going much deeper into a meditative state than I usually enter by my own accord. The information that arose was profound and I recall being shocked and mesmerized by the accounts that were coming out of my mouth!

When the session concluded I felt amazing but felt this strong feeling that this was just the beginning of having clearer communication with my subconscious mind (SC) / higher self and that more information was on the way with continued practice.

Since my session, I've continued to get more information and have begun to cultivate a stronger sense of communication with my SC / higher self. I can't thank Devika enough for her passion and willingness to take me on this journey as my session went 7-8 hours!

For several days after my session I was dumbfounded by the experience and knew that I was in the process of integrating new information and what I would call "energetic changes" in my human experience. I've already experienced healing and clarity that my SC/ higher self said would occur (in my session) and I'm aware that there is still more to come.
(Actually, it's the beginning of a more apparent relationship between my conscious and subconscious mind).

Couldn't recommend Devika's expertise enough to those who are ready to become more acquainted with their SC / higher self and begin piercing the veil! 

Devika is a channel of pure unconditional love. 
Her aura radiates Truth, Love and Safety.  She is truly one of the kindest healers that I have had the pleasure of working with. 
My entire session was bathed in light, ease and safety.  I will never be the same after my QHHT session with her, and I have deep gratitude for the entire experience. 
The way that Devika held me energetically every step of the way is what made such a profound transformation possible. 

If you are looking for a deeply intuitive, loving and compassionate QHHT practitioner, you've come to the right place.  Book your session.  It is one of the most loving and soul aligned experiences that you could ever choose for yourself.  Congratulations on your healing journey thus far and I wish you  a deeply loving and transformational session with Devika.

With Unconditional Love,


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